_Electronic Musician_

Hey, Needle Noggin... [2014]

Hello friends,

I recently released a gem from the Lautlos archives that I've been meaning to share with you all. The song is called "Hey, Needle Noggin..." and includes a sample from Trigun in the beginning. For the point of my life as Lautlos that this was created in, it sounds quite different from everything else I was releasing at the time. I'm sure I had some reluctance to release it in the past for that reason.

In a time now where I've been taking different approaches on my current productions, I figured it was time to let this composition finally fly free. I hope you all enjoy it and find that it resonates with you in some way, shape or form. I should also mention that it was featured as a Dior Sentai exclusive for #SentaiSundays and there will be new music from a different collective member every week!

As always, I greatly appreciate all of the support that my friends and family give me to continue creating. Much love & more music to come soon. :)