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Existentialist Awakening - EP

Hello friends,

I hope that everyone is having a happy Thursday! A week ago today, I put out the most important piece of work that I've created to date - Existentialist Awakening [EP]. This release is a conceptual follow-up to my 2013 EP titled 'Existentialist Slumber'. It's been a work in progress for about a year now. I went through an arduous process of continually creating, working on and deleting songs until I ended up with the 5 song journey presented before you.

Although this EP is a conceptual release, the concept is not for me to tell you. I want every person that listens to this release to decipher and interpret their own concept of it based off of their perception. I was quoted by 9th Life in a short synopsis of the EP for the release stating, "Part of the reason I make instrumental music is due to the fact that it can be perceived in so many different ways depending on the listener. Regardless of how you interpret it, I hope that it resonates with you in some way, shape or form."

I hope that you take something positive away from listening to these frequencies, whatever it may be. If you'd like to probe my mind about it at all, feel free to do so. :)

The EP was entirely composed, produced & mixed by Lautlos.

It was mastered by ENDOR.

The artwork was created by FLEABRAIN.

Streaming of the EP is available on the 9th Life SoundCloud and it's up for free download via the Lautlos Bandcamp page. <3

Much love & keep vibrating positively,